Unfortunatly, it is true. We still have slavery on this planet - albeit in new garbs. "Bonded Labor" is one of the contemporary forms of slavery - most often found in Nepal, India and Pakistan. It is estimated that some 20 million individuals are in some form of bonded labor situation in those three countries alone!

If you want to know more about bonded labor, check out this link:

I was stunned to discover in India just such a group of exiled Nepalese laborers working under slave-like conditions in the Himalayan town of Leh/Ladakh.

One thing led to another, and together with a local committee from among the Nepalese slaves, I am in the process of setting up
The project has 3 components:
1) Relief: Set up a fund for helping the families with their immediate needs such as medical care, school fees and even groceries and housing.
2) Community development: About 50 of the Nepalese laborers are Christians, forming the core group of the thousands of Nepalese workers in Leh. It is stunning how these Christians live out their faith among the suffering community. However, as they struggle for sheer survival they are hardly able to be connected as a community. We therefore intend to bring in a Christian Nepalese community-facilitator (a Pastor) who will shepherd this community.
3) Economical: Most of the Nepalese laborers work in the construction sector. We want to help them with trainings and a micro-loan to organize themselves as a co-operative in order to gain economically some ground under their feet.

fundraising: how it works...

I'd like to offer you the opportunity to become part of the project and share in the blessing. This is how it works: Until I leave for India in November I will commute from North Vancouver to Regent/UBC on my bicycle rather than taking the bus. Asv of 17. September, the odometer of my bike has been reset, starting at zero. You are invited to make a commitment to contribute x-amount per every kilometer I cycle until 7. November.

Example: You pledge to contribute 10 Cents for each kilometer I’ll do in the fundraiser commute. Suppose I’ll put in 850 kilometers. You owe $85.- which will directly benefit the Nepalese people in Ladakh and will be used for their immediate needs.

So, it is quite simple. You choose the amount per kilometer you’d like to contribute. I’ll cycle – except when it pours cats and dogs. Roundtrip per day is 54 kilometers; I usually am on campus 3 times a week. I'll keep you posted on the progress...

pledge your contribution by email to

You can pledge as little as 1 Cent or as much as you like.

more ways to participate...

1) sign up by e-mailing your pledge

2) spread the word about this project to people who will care. Forward the blog-address

3) read about Ladakh, Nepal, and the peoples in the Himalayas. Lonely Planet is a good place to start. You may also want to check out and Let your heart be moved for the people in the Himalayas.

4) pray for the Nepalese community in Ladakh, and for God's hand on the project.

5) keep on visiting this web-site frequently. I will post new material on the Himalayan region every few days...

Friday, November 2, 2007


Yesterday, after 1,160 kilometers of commuting over the past 7 weeks, the wheels of my bicycle finally stopped spinning.

I am deeply thankful that so many have latched on to the challenge, so that a total of $7,366.- has been raised - which is great. This constitutes a solid financial base for the project in Ladakh. I joyfully anticipate seeing how the money is going to make a difference in the lives of the Nepalese slave worker community in North-India. And, yes, I also do believe that the giving of the money is making a difference in our lives too!

One of my jobs when traveling to Ladakh in a week’s time will be to set up the structure for the project, including a bank account, guidelines for the use of the money and a committee overseeing the distribution. We want to make sure that the money is used where it is intended to be used – that’s my responsibility. At the end of the day, however, we trust that God is going to bless this!

Payment Instructions:
Payments to be made by cheque or cash, either to me (Daniel Burgi) or to Sutherland Church. If you wish to get a tax receipt for your donation, please make out a cheque to Sutherland Church and attach a note “Ladakh Relief Project.”

Daniel Burgi, 791 26th Street East, North Vancouver, V7K 1A5
Sutherland Church, P.O. Box 86069, North Vancouver, V7L 4J5

Financial Report
Upon request, the full financial report of the project can be viewed anytime.

Total Number of pledges: 31
Sumtotal of pledges: $ 6.35 per km
distance cycled in 7 weeks: 1160


Sunday, October 28, 2007

week SIX

Number of pledges as of 27. October: 26
Sumtotal of pledges: $ 5.79 per km
distance cycled in week five: 172 km
total distance: 1053 km

Sunday, October 21, 2007

week FIVE

Number of pledges as of 20. October: 22
Sumtotal of pledges: $ 4.88 per km
distance cycled in week five: 155 km
total distance: 881 km

This was a wet and not very pleasant week for commuting on my bike. More encouraging are the recent communications with Ladakh. The guys up there look forward with much expectation to my coming in just a bit over a couple weeks...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

week FOUR

Number of pledges as of 13. October: 19
Sumtotal of pledges: $ 2.38 per km
distance cycled in week four: 189 km
total distance: 726 km

Sunday, October 7, 2007

week three

Number of pledges as of 7. October: 19
Sumtotal of pledges: $ 2.38 per km
distance cycled in week three: 162 km
total distance: 537 km

Friday, September 28, 2007

Week TWO

  • Number of pledges as of 28. September: 13
  • Sumtotal of pledges: $ 2.01 per km
  • distance cycled in week two: 189
  • total distance: 375 km

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week ONE

A big thank you to all of you who have already mailed in a pledge! I hope you stay tuned, as new material on the Ladakh project will be posted regularly. I will also keep you posted regarding the progress of the fundraising.

Number of pledges as of 23. September: 9
Sumtotal of pledges: $ 1.61 per km
distance cycled so far: 186 km